I love learning. I read at least one book a week and have over 100 audiobooks. My reading list covers topics in philosophy, science, communication, history, education autobiographies, and technology. As a young child, I dreaded going to school. I would break out in hives and have panic attacks every morning as early as first grade. I was dyslexic. No matter how many hours I put into my studies I was reading at a first-grade level until 5th grade. After that, I started to see reading as an escape and hated school. I only studied to prove that I was not stupid. Finally in college, after taking a study skills class my love for education was cemented. I saw education as a way to connect with my community and empowerment.

My teaching philosophy is focused on student empowerment. I provide my students with the skills they need to explore their passions and curiosity through active learning. I see myself as a partner in their journey to learn more about technology and themselves. Once they have those skills as well as a growth mindset they become as excited about the learning process as I am. This passion is an essential asset on their professional journey in technology or any other field they choose to pursue.

Codetalk Curriculum