Space Bubby

Space bubby is a comedy group that makes fun of 90’s tv shows. They wanted a website in a 90’s theme. In this project I was project manager of a 5 person team. A week into the project my designer had to leave the project. As I result I had to step in as co designer as well. Our test was to make a custom WordPress theme that consisted of a page for 6 shows, an about page, subscribe form, contact form, and a show schedule.

Some of the ways that our team made the site reflect the 90’s throwback style was color, font choice, use of popups and graphics. For colors we used neon green, yellow, black, and white. Neon colors were very popular in the 90’s but we used these colors sparingly in titles. One of the fonts we used was Inconsolata to reflect the monospace type fonts that were used in the 90’s. to make sure the font was legible we added leading and high contrast color font and background. Finally to add a fun element of the 90’s we used pop-ups instead of separate pages for the subscribe, contact and show schedule. The pop-ups only showed up when the links were clicked as to not be as annoying as pop-ups were in the 90’s. The graphics used were the show posters. We each made a show poster that made fun of our favorite 90’s shows and movies. The result was a fun nostalgic website that is easy and fun to use.

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