Soo N Foods

Saehee is the owner of Soo N Food where she sells jams and offers cooking classes. Saehee has a background in fine art and sees food as medium for art. Her food is beautiful, colorful and well plated. She wanted a website that was sophisticated, clean and focused on her food. Saehee needed a a page for her jams, cooking classes, about page and contact form.

To make this website I focused on bringing out the best qualities of her food. To her food is rich and colorful so the color scheme I chose was red, yellow, and white. Warm colors help her food stand out and look more welcoming. To emphasize that her food is sophisticated I chose an elegant transitional serif font paired with a clean serif. I also added a css zoom on hover on the home page to bring emphasis on her food and draw the viewer in.

The results are a website that looks clean, welcoming and warm that emphasize Saehee’s food and artistic background

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